Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Designer crush: Amanda Nisbet Design

I came across this amazing interior designer and her website today and I think you might like it too :)
I love her style and it's unexpected combinations, bold colours and patterns which makes the spaces interesting and fun, yet still timelessly elegant.
See the full portfolio of this NYC base designer here

Friday, 25 July 2014

Office vs weekend: Stripy blazer

The weekend is officially here! And as the weather is beautiful and temperature in the tube hits 35 degrees (yup) here are 2 outfits you will love to wear in the office and during the weekend, with this cute long blazer to put on for the evening drinks in the beer garden!! Oh I love summer! 

Office: 2 Top // 3 Skirt // 4 Heels
Weekend: 2 Top // 3 Short // 4 Sandals

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Seriously now, how ADORABLE is this apartment?
It's probably the idea of hell for any men that will look at this (sorry guys) but I think it's pretty amazing!!
And of course it belongs to an interior designer (duh) - Miriam Alia from Living pink . 
She definitely does bring her work home ;)
You HAVE to check her portfolio as well - I just died!!

Just look at those animals!

Have you ever seen cooler kitchen?

I love this room!

But this pink and white bedroom is my favorite space in the house!

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